The Roofing professionals who service you and address your roofing needs are proven specialists who are extremely competent in what do they with years of experience under their belt.  Our more-than-capable hands will ease your concerns and provide you long-lasting solutions.

Our solutions are likewise designed with the highest quality and adhering to the highest industry standards.  And while the materials we will help you obtain are always excellent, the solutions we offer you are more than affordable.

The services we offer can be distilled into the following. Click on the link to know more.


Roof Repair

Looking for the best roof repair contractor near you? Look no further! Our experts are ready to fix any roof!


Tile Roofs

Tile roofs are durable, long lasting and will make your home shine! Get your new Tile roof installed today!

Foam Roof Repair

Foam Roofs

There’s nothing more energy efficient than a foam roof. It will keep the heat out during those tough hot summers!

Repairing Damaged Roof Tiles

Shingle Roofs

Want to keep that classic old school feel? Check out our shingle roof options to take your house to the next level!



Replacing the siding on your home is one of the easiest ways to give your house a facelift and enhance the exterior aesthetics.



Why do you need gutter services? If you have poorly installed gutters, your home is in jeopardy! This is especially true in four season states. Rains bring water back to your home causing rot damage to exterior doors and windows, and other wood.


Windows and Doors Installation

Replacing old windows within your home with new modern glass units can save energy, reduce heating costs, and add tremendous value and curb appeal to your property.


Metal Roofing

Jordan Roofing is a leading expert in the installation of metal roofing in Kelowna for residential and commercial customers. We offer the best metal roof warranty in the business and have been installing and repairing metal roofs for over 10 years.

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