Jordan Roofing is a leading expert in the installation of metal roofing in Kelowna for residential and commercial customers. We offer the best metal roof warranty in the business and have been installing and repairing metal roofs for over 10 years.

Metal roofs have several benefits over traditional roofs, with the primary benefit being they last longer, require less maintenance, and in the winter you never have to worry about shoveling off snow. Also due to the reflective nature of metal roofs, often times you can reduce your heating and cooling requirements, saving energy and of course saving money too.

The technology of metal roofing has also improved greatly over the years. Gone are the days of one size fits all ridged metal roofing. Metal roofing now comes in a variety of styles and materials, from tin to copper, from straight to shingled look. We also can do customer work, especially with copper roofing. Check out some of our work from a recent job below.


We strongly feel our prices, customer service, quality, and guarantee cannot be beat. We only use the highest quality materials yet we keep our prices extremely affordable. From simple repairs to total system replacements, you can feel confident as our customer you not only get a great deal, but you get a great roof too, backed up by our solid warranty.

If you’re considering replacing your roof, Metal Roofing is an excellent option. There are many types of metal roofing solutions available to consumers these days. Products range from vertical standing seam to metal shingles and/or tiles. They are even available coated in stone and range in architectural design to emulate shake, tile, shingles or even slate roofing.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

  • It’s more durable and last longer
  • It absorbs the sun, keeping in heat and lowering the cost of energy
  • Metal roofing panels weigh much less than its alternatives
  • It is easier to install than other roofing options
  • Special coatings for unique environmental conditions.
  • No residual runoff from the roof surface, meaning water runoff is much healthier for the environment, consumers often consider rain collection systems in addition to choosing a metal roof system.
  • Certain metal roof products not only have reflective properties, but also have a specific blend of steel and alloys the give the metal high emissivity properties, allowing the material the ability to release thermal energy away from the building envelope.
  • Metal roof installation is a great alternative to low slope roofing.
  • Metal roofing is one of the best products for installation of solar array systems.
  • Metal roofing has various thicknesses available for use in high load conditions.
  • Metal roofing will last 3-4 times longer than most other roof systems.
  • It is fire resistant
  • You don’t need a high pitched roof to receive metal roofing solutions
  • Rain and snow glide easily off the rooftop instead of gathering and causing water damage
metal-roofing with rain gutters

We offer the best metal roof warranty in the business and have been installing and providing roof repair solutions for over 10 years.