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Greg and Pat P Residence

Oakridge Estate Gray shingles, Hunter Cool Vent, Window, Ventsure.

Greg and Pat P Residence

Greg and Pat Had a lot of issues they wanted to address with their new roofing system. They wanted to add insulation, but didn’t have the room inside to do it!  They had lower slope dormers which were leaking both on the tops and the sides. They were also sure they had some hidden damage due to the length of time some areas had been having problems. 

The solution: Hunter Cool Vent ventilated insulated deck system, ventilated drip edge, Owens Corning WeatherLoc Flex ice and water barrier, Oakridge Estate Gray shingles and of course Owens Corning VentSure ridge vent.  The result, a beautiful watertight well ventilated roofing system with 800% more insulation than they had, backed by an Owens Corning Preferred Pride Warranty! 

Replace rotten rafters After the rafters are fixed Before we started