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Phil R Residence

"We would recommend Jordan Roofing to anyone seeking a quality roof from a competent and trustworthy source." -Phil R

Phil R Residence

We think the words of Phil R say it all!!

Dear Jordan Roofing

My wife and I made the decision to have our roof replaced after a series of problems with ice damming and leaks. Our home had a number of construction related issues, including a dead valley between an attached shed and the side of our home, as well as a flat section of roofing over a kitchen addition done many years ago. The existing roof was only 15 years old, but was already showing signs of blistering, thanks to multiple layers of shingles.

We interviewed six roofing companies, asking such questions as what our options were, how the company would handle the problem areas for our home, how long the job would take, etc. Jordan Roofing impressed us with in-depth answers to our questions and the willingness to invest time getting to know us and our home. The salesperson took more time than others in taking detailed measurements of the site, sketching the details, and took digital photos for use in the project proposal. The proposal was also extremely detailed, spelling out exactly what materials would be used and how the work would be done. Of the other companies we spoke to, several only took general ground level dimensions. One company took an eyeball estimate and wrote that estimate on a section of lined notebook paper, which was promptly torn off and handed to us as our quote.

We ultimately chose Jordan Roofing thanks in part to their level of detail, and also for their willingness to work with us on the various options and additional work that we wanted done, including adding insulation, putting down OSB over the existing planking, etc. While they weren’t the lowest price we received, we felt their price for the level of service and materials involved was more than fair and had the highest level of confidence compared to the other companies we spoke to.

Jordan’s crew worked diligently and made great progress, though the project took a bit longer than they originally expected. This team has a lot of experience, and we were very impressed with their performance. They worked from a project scope document, which was constructed from the proposal we were given and included photos and notes.

At the end of the project, we were very satisfied with the work done for us. The materials were as specified, the construction as promised, and we are very happy with our new roof. We would recommend Jordan Roofing to anyone seeking a quality roof from a competent and trustworthy source.

-Phil R