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Natalie K Residence

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Natalie K Residence

Natalie K called Jordan Roofing in the later part of the winter because the Ice had collapsed the overhang on the rear of her house. She knew it was time for a new roof anyway so the eave collapsing was a clear sign that now was the time. During the our initial visit with Natalie she said she wanted a roof that would keep her cooled in the summer and one she would not need to maintenance during the winter keeping snow off her roof so it would not leak. Also she wanted the windows on the west side of the home shielded from the sun in the early evenings.

Once again just by listening to our customers concerns we were able address eave of her concerns. First we removed the rear overhang that was only 6 inches deep and reframed the overhang to a full two and a half feet. Next we installed the roofing system. Jordan Roofing offered light energy Star rated shingles to apply to the home but Natalie wanted moreā€¦.. She chose to install a bright white TPO roofing system to the low sloped areas of the home for a few good Reasons. TPO reflects more than 80% of the suns rays and absorbs nearly no heat. TPO is a heat welded membrane that becomes piece of roofing once welded together. So the snow and Ice will be sitting on a completely WATER PROOF roofing membrane with no possibility for a leak.

A Cooler leek proof roof is what Natalie wanted and that is just what Jordan Roofing delivered.

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