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Mike E Residence

Duration shingles and solar venting

Mike E Residence

Mike E. needed a new roof! There Old roofing was beginning to curl, was susceptible to wind blow off and show a real potential for a leak. Mike plans to stay in this home until there new born kids are off to college and possibly longer than that so they not only wanted a roof that would last o long time but also one that would have a warranty to last as long as they were in the home to help eliminate any unsuspected cost down the road.

Jordan Roofing recommended the Duration Quarry Gray Shingle from Owens Corning. The Duration shingle is a Laminated or Architectural shingle designed to give the look of a cedar shingle, but the Duration shingle does much more than look nice. The duration shingles comes with a 30 year prorated warranty and a 110 mph wind warranty, that is 45% more wind resistance than other standard shingles. Also we would be installing <strong>solar powered roof fans </strong>to help meet the venting requirements of the building code and help keep the second story a little cooler in the summer.

When the Duration shingle is installed by a Proffered Contractor from Owens Corning such as Jordan Roofing and we are able to meet or exceed the roof venting requirements we can qualify for the Preferred Protection warranty from Owens Corning. This means that the standard warranty will now be non-prorated for the first 20 YEARS!!! That’s right a fortune 500 company will stand behind products installed by Jordan Roofing and cover removal replacement and reinstallation at no cost to Mike for 20 Years!!

That’s the peace of mind you can get with a roofing system from a company that listens to your needs and offers you a solution, not just a roof.