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James W Res.

Duration 30 Colonial Slate, TPO, Historic Home

James W Res.

When Jordan Roofing inspected the James W. home we found a slate roof that had been failing for a few years. More and more slate tile were beginning to fall of and crack every year causing some leaking inside the home. Also as part of Jordan Roofing’s inspection we found that the chimney had some large cracks and loose bricks that needed to be addressed. Jordan Roofing recommended a local chimney company and helped to coordinate the chimney repair with the roofing project to eliminate the chimney masons walking on the brand new roof and allow for a proper flashing to be applied to the repaired chimney at the time of the roof installation.

The slate roofing posed some thought challenges for our roofing crew, the slate we were removing weighed in at approximately 16,000 pounds. First we had to build extensive barriers and tarp systems to protect the ample landscaping before we began to remove the slate roof. Then we began the process of carefully removing the slate tile from the roof and getting t off the roof in a controlled manner. We are happy to report that all of the landscaping and flowers made it through the roofing project unscathed!

Now that the removal of the old roofing was over we installed a Owens Corning Duration shingle Colonial Slate in color to match the slate color and feel as close as possible. We install 29 gauge steel valleys and up dated the venting system with 2 turbine vents to meet the manufactures recommendations for venting. This simple and inexpensive change to the venting system allowed Jordan Roofing to issue a Preferred Protection Warranty from Owens Corning on the roofing system. This warranty provides a full replacement warranty on the roof for 20 years on the Duration shingles along with the standard manufactures 30 year prorated warranty.