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Carlos L

TPO Roof

Carlos L

Carlos L had some real problems with the roof over his business despite putting thousands into repairing the existing roof with other contractors the water just kept coming in. Finally fed up with the water in his building he called Jordan roofing to take a look at his situation and propose a roof that would solve once and for all his roofing nightmares.

Carlos L did not have an “old” roof but he did have a roof that was just put on with out addressing some issues with the insulation below. There was a large area of the insulation that had gotten wet and began to collapse over the years creating a large spot of standing water that was rotting the roof off his building.

The solution was to remove about 800 square feet of the existing roof and address the standing water with new insulation that would raise the level of the roofing surface and help to reduce the standing water. Not only did Jordan roofing install new insulation but we installed a tapered insulation that aggressively directed the water to the eave edge with a full ¼ inch per foot slope. Now that the problem was addressed Jordan Roofing installed a new TPO roofing membrane over the entire roof. TPO is a water proof membrane that one installed becomes a one piece roof. Also the white color will help reduce some of the cooling cost in the summer.