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Chad S Res.

Shingles Venting.

Chad S Res.

Chad S and his family had enough of there roof leaking. The transition between the main house and garage and the chimney had been leaking for quite a while.  Jordan Roofing discovered that the metal flashings that should be in place to stop the water from entering the home were the wall and roof meet were reused from the original construction 2 Roofs ago.  This, in combination with failing shingles, meant the Simons were ready for a new roof.

The solution was to remove the 2 layers of roofing that were currently on the home. These old shingles were the taken to a recycling facility to reclaim the asphalt still left in the shingles. You could be driving on these shingles in the near future. Then we removed old flashings and install Ice and water shield to the roof at the wall transition to create a water tight seal. As the new roof was being installed flashings were install to the National Roofing Contractors Associations’ specifications along with new shingles.

 The shingles Chad S choose were the Duration Driftwood shingles by Owens Corning. They chose the Owens Corning Duration shingles because he liked the 110 mph wind warranty, as well as the 20 year full replacement warranty that Jordan offered. 

"I will absolutely recommend Jordan Roofing to anyone looking to have a new roof put on their home."

- Chad S.