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Dick S Residence

Shingles Venting Gutters Gutter Protection 50 Year warranty

Dick S Residence

Dick S had a roof that was curling and had a lot of granule loss, he also had gutters that were leaking and clogging with leaves and overflowing.

 Jordan Roofing Removed all of the shingles and inspected the roof deck to find 3 roof deck boards that were rotten right through. After a quick repair to these area Jordan roofing installed WeatherLoc Ice and water shield to the roof edge to a point that was 2 feet beyond the interior wall of the home to ensure that water and Ice backing under the shingles in the winter would not soak the wood below and rot the decking again. Then We installed a new Duration Premium Brownwood shingled roof and proper venting. We install some additional intake venting to all the eave edges to ensure that Dick would be getting plenty of cool dry air into the attic. We also installed a Ventsure ridge Vent to the ridges to complete the balanced ventilation system and qualify for a 50 Year Preferred Protection warranty from Owens Corning. A Preferred Protection warranty in a full Non-Prorated warranty on the roofing material that will last for 50 Years and is fully transferable to the next owner should Dick ever decide to sell the home.

Jordan Roofing also removed all the old leaking gutters and downspouts and replaced them with a new seamless aluminum gutter system. Them to keep debris out of them we installed a Leaf Shelter system to the top of all the gutters. We matched the color of the Leaf Shelter to the color of the roofing shingles so they are virtually undetectable.

How happy was Dick S. with Jordan Roofing…. Well he has already referred us to four of his closets friends.