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Vinyl Siding Institute Trained!

Ryan Bradford

Written Fri Jan 01 00:00:00 UTC 2010

Jordan Roofing has two more installers who have participated and passed the Vinyl Siding Institute’s rigorous training and examination program. Once again Jordan roofing has gone above and beyond to get the best possible training by the industries leader in vinyl siding application. VSI training consists of basic installation methods that are crucial to a trouble free professional looking install.

Did you know that OVER 70% of all the vinyl siding installed is not done to the manufacture’s specifications. What does this mean to you? Water damage, reduced wind resistance and possible voiding your warranty.

Vinyl siding should be installed along with metal flashing and sealants in a manner which sheds water naturally. VSI training focuses on the proper order of installation, products and proper applications, and fastening patterns which make the installation protect your home from possible water damage.

Nailing pattern and spacing are critical to your vinyl siding installation. The proper number and location of the nails will give you the best wind resistance, as well as let the vinyl expand and contract properly. This will help give your vinyl siding the appearance of real wood siding, and not cause it to wrinkle or buckle as we see so often in the industry.

Additionally, your warranty could be in jeopardy if the installation was not done to manufacture’s specifications. Jordan Roofing’s VSI certified installers will follow the strict application technique set forth by the Vinyl Siding Institute which, by the way, meet or exceed ALL manufacture recommended installations

You can be assured that vinyl siding installed by VSI certified Jordan Roofing will perform flawlessly and keep its integrity for years to come.