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Old Man Winter Has Finally Arrived!

Fred Bliss

Written Thu Jan 24 00:00:00 UTC 2013

The cold weather and snow have really hit us hard lately, and it reminds us again what a real winter feels like. For those of you that have been mulling over getting some insulation added to the attic, or finally getting to the bottom of where those cold drafts are coming from, we have the answer!

Jordan Roofing is certified by the nationally recognized Building Performance Institute and we are a Comsumers Energy Trade Partner, enabling us to offer numerous energy savings programs, many of which involve rebates. That's right, free money to help you save money and energy! Does it get any better than that?

From a basic Home Energy Efficiency Kit installation that can save you up to $75 to $200 a year, to a full comprehensive Home Energy Audit, we can help you determine what can save you money on your energy costs.

With the full Energy Audit we can pinpoint the areas of waste, and show you ways to reduce them. We will also offer solutions, some of which you can do yourself, costs for those you cannot, and most importantly, your projected return on your investment. You may be surprised, some of the least expensive improvements can be the most effective!

Whether you choose to tackle any of the improvements this season or next, we will provide a report in either digital, printed, or both forms, that will help you make an informed decision, using actual building science .

Call today to schedule your Home Energy Efficiency Kit installation or Comprehensive Home Energy Audit for special winter savings!