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Ply Gem Windows

Fred Bliss

Written Thu Jul 19 00:00:00 UTC 2012


Jordan Roofing Expands Partnership with Ply-Gem to Include Windows

For more than 60 years Ply Gem has been an industry pioneer and leader and they continue to do so today through The Designed Exterior. This complete solution combines materials, colors and textures -- all intended to work together to create dramatic curb appeal and allow you to spend time enjoying your home, instead of fixing it.

Recently, due to new product availability and some innovative new offerings, Jordan Roofing had extended our already long-term partnership with Ply-Gem. Now, not only will we feature their Mastic Siding lines, but we also proudly offer their full line of high-tech replacement and new construction windows.

“Extending our product offerings to include the full line of Ply Gem windows makes good sense for us as a company. We have always relied on our partnerships with our manufacturers and suppliers to help us provide our customers with top quality products and hassle-free warranty support,” according to Jordan Roofing Owner, Ryan Bradford.  “Ply Gem has always been a full support company for us with the Mastic Siding line, and we’re happy to partner up with them for yet another premium product at a very competitive price.”

“There’s a lot of good quality windows offered by a lot of companies, and over the last 20 or so years I have dealt with quite a few of them,” says Fred Bliss of the Jordan Roofing Grand Rapids office.  “One of the ways that Ply Gem has impressed me over the years in working with their siding lines is the constant improvements in their product offerings. They have a history of leading the industry when it comes to new technology such as enhanced UV resistance, color stability, and R-values. That leadership role in siding has been adapted to their window lines as well, giving us one trusted source for all our exterior design products.”

 “As I have always said, a window is only as good as the install,” Bliss adds. “Our factory trained installers have always been, and will continue to be the top installers in the area. Almost all installation problems can be avoided with properly trained and experienced installers.”

Factory window training sessions include classroom instruction, hands-on installation, field repair and passing scores on written exams. The class also includes a review of window anatomy, the basics of installation, an overview of field repairs and a troubleshooting session. A window care and maintenance section is also included.

“When it comes to homeowner callbacks related to windows, installation problems are often one of the largest reasons cited,” said Bliss. “Properly installed windows are extremely important. The extra training provided should bring peace-of-mind and confidence to Grand Rapids area homeowners that we have the expertise to handle their projects.”

For more information on window installation services offered by Jordan Roofing, call (616) 452-6450 in the greater Grand Rapids area, or in the Lansing area call (517) 694-1999.