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Simonton Windows Preferred Installer

Fred Bliss

Written Thu Jan 20 00:00:00 UTC 2011

Jordan Roofing Manager Graduates from “Installer Preferred by Simonton” Installation Training Program

Simonton Preferred Installer

Looking for a trained professional to replace the windows in your home?  Fred Bliss, who has just completed the “Installer Preferred by Simonton” installation training program, can help.

Bliss recently completed an intense window and door installation training program conducted by the experts at Simonton Windows®. As a result of successfully passing the program, Bliss is now recognized with the Simonton Preferred Installer designation.

“The proper installation of windows requires knowledge and expertise,” says Fred Bliss with Jordan Roofing in Grand Rapids. “One of the key reasons I participated in the Preferred Installer program was to strengthen my skills. I’ve been working with vinyl replacement and new construction windows for 13 years and Simonton’s program served as an excellent resource. It reinforced all the critical aspects professional window installers need to know for a clean, secure and professional install on every job.”

The session included classroom instruction, hands-on installation, field repair and a passing score on a written exam. The class included a review of window anatomy, the basics of installation, an overview of field repairs and a troubleshooting session. A window care and maintenance section was also included.

“When it comes to homeowner callbacks related to windows, installation problems are often one of the largest reasons cited,” says Bliss. “Properly installed windows are extremely important. The extra training this program offered me, along with earning my Preferred Installer designation, should bring peace-of-mind and confidence to Grand Rapids area homeowners that I have the expertise to handle their projects.”

For more information on window installation services offered by Jordan Roofing, call (616) 452-6450 in the greater Grand Rapids area, or in the Lansing area call (517) 694-1999.